We are a family of three dogs, two humans, and one Volkswagen bus. We have sold everything that we own, packed our small family up in a Westfalia and are touring North America. By using nothing more than paper maps and people’s recommendations and surviving on little to no money we have nowhere to be and everything to see. We are living with no responsibilities, except our dogs, and doing something that in the modern world has become scarce: actually living.



Traveling nomad and freelance writer this twenty six year old is always ready for the next adventure. Never being able to sit still you can find him out in the ocean or up in the mountains. Taking photos wherever he goes, this amateur photographer is happiest Nikon in hand and family by his side.



A twenty-four year old free spirit who has an unruly desire to be on the go. With a passion for travelling and writing this modern hippie loves running in meadows with wind in her hair and her family close.


A goofy and incredibly loyal black lab with too much energy and a love for water and playing. Even though she is the biggest of our pack she is the youngest and is the big baby of the family.



This easy going, docile, long haired dachshund doesn’t have a care in the world, except chasing squirrels.



The leader of the pack, this sassy Chihuahua rules the van with her huge personality and her cat-like attributes. She may appear timid at the start but once she decides to like you, her love will be smothering.




Three Dogs, Two Humans, One Van